From my performace Qwith-withQ

Site specific performance 2008 Tommarps Kungsgård Sweden Concept/Music/Direction: Jeanette Sollén Assistant Director: Alice Barte FOLDER

Johnny got his gun


Johnny var en ung soldat (Johnny got his gun). Theatrical play at the State Theatre in Borås,Sweden. Director: Jan Bratt Composer: Jeanette Sollén Dramatized by Johan Holmberg, based upon the book by Dalton Trumbo. Premièred March 31st, 2001…. Read More

Die Loreley

Lorelei 11

Site-specific dance-theatre piece by Theatre Cantabile 2. Director: Nullo Facchini. Music: Jeanette Sollén. Performed on the river Rhein by the Loreley cliff in Germany summer 2000, and at the World Fair 2000 in Hannover, Germany, on a constructed… Read More



Site specific Musical drama. Concept/Composer & Artistic director: Jeanette Sollén Choreographer: Susanne Andersin Director: Maria Bergman Premièred June 4st 1997. 13 performances, presented at two different stages around the middle age tower Kärnan in Helsingborg, Sweden. The music:… Read More


Another performance of mine, Rådhusslaget

Site specific Musical drama for choire, percussion, and dance. Concept/Composer & Artistic director: Jeanette Sollén Choreographer: Susanne Andersin First performed in February 1996 at and by the front of the Helsingborg Town Hall. The music: Live acoustic music… Read More


yggdrasil copy

Yggdrasil Site specific, musical drama for choire, percussion, zithers and dance. Yggdrasil is the Tree of Life in the Norse mythology. Concept/Composer & Artistic director: Jeanette Sollén Choreographer: Susanne Andersin Choire: Helsingborgs Chamber Choir Conductor: Sverker Zadig Premièred… Read More

Night and Day

nod 5

NATT OCH DAG (NIGHT AND DAY) Site specific performance freely based on old Norse Mythology. Presented in the park Slottshagen in Helsingborg with an impressive group of about 60 performers. Director: Frank Totino Music: Jeanette Sollén On the… Read More



Hell / Helvede by the international performance theatre group Teatret Cantabile 2 Site specific musical drama freely based on Dante’s book Inferno. Director: Nullo Facchini Composers: Marco Spallanzani and Jeanette Sollén Durata original version: Approx. 4 h. First… Read More